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Dragonfly @ Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

28 Dec 2018
19:30h - 22:15h
Bar Beton, Utrecht

Ritual Sister Song Day

12 Jan 2019
Noorderkerk, Den Haag

Online release new CD!

15 Jan 2019
The World Wide Web

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My newest project is a collaboration with Ruben Tamis on percussion, N’goni and Balong!


Online CD release 15-01-2019

This is soo exciting!! For 1,5 years I have been working on a new album with friend and composer Andre Schoorlemmer! On 15 January 2019 the album will be released online! Subscribe to my newsletter (at the contact page) so you don’t miss it! The cover art is created by Helena Arturaleza.



New video of Kaleidoscope


New video of me playing at Ecstatic Dance Rotterdam

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Press Articles

Review Mehmet Polat Trio bij Jazz Fest Amsterdam: highlight of the evening!

Sophie Conin van Jazznu.com

“The Mehmet Polat Trio showed one of the most unexpected arrangements of the evening: ud (Arabic lute), kora (Malian string instrument) and ney (Persian flute), no wonder it was difficult to enter the hall. Normally after one or two songs some audience goes out, but those who wanted to come in after the start of the concert had to show patience, but once inside it was more than worth the wait … In one of the most intimate performances of the evening, this trio provided spheres and sounds that mixed with traditional folk music from all over the world and with improvisation and jazz influences. All instruments were played with craftsmanship, finesse and subtlety. For this reviewer, the highlight of the evening.


Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Jazz blog 'Draai om je oren' by Ben Taffijn

“Mehmet Polat Trio is a true exception in the world of jazz”

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