African Kora

The Kora is an ancient West African harp, originally from Mali. It was invented by a woman. The instrument was discovered by men and they let it sound into the world. African kora players are named Griot’s or Jeli’s. We would call them troubadours: coaches of the leaders of the village. With their music and stories the Griot’s guide the leaders to stay in their leadership with themselves and their own feelings, to connect them with their inner source and to take decisions from that place. This background of the instrument touches me. Also with the precursor of the kora, the Kamalen N’goni which I played for some years now and which I used during voice expression and voice improvisation, I experienced music can be a great guidance to learn to hear your own voice, and to listen to your own intuition. People often know very well what they need if they dare to listen to themselves. Musical support can really help with this and adds to inner healing. The kora I play was build bij Zoumana Diarra who created it especially for the Mehmet Polat Trio in the time he was the regular kora player of the trio. Normally a kora has 21 strings but this one has 24. In an average concert of the Mehmet Polat Trio for example I play in 7 different scales.


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