Review Mehmet Polat Trio bij Jazz Fest Amsterdam: highlight of the evening!

Sophie Conin van

“The Mehmet Polat Trio showed one of the most unexpected arrangements of the evening: ud (Arabic lute), kora (Malian string instrument) and ney (Persian flute), no wonder it was difficult to enter the hall. Normally after one or two songs some audience goes out, but those who wanted to come in after the start of the concert had to show patience, but once inside it was more than worth the wait … In one of the most intimate performances of the evening, this trio provided spheres and sounds that mixed with traditional folk music from all over the world and with improvisation and jazz influences. All instruments were played with craftsmanship, finesse and subtlety. For this reviewer, the highlight of the evening.


Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Jazz blog 'Draai om je oren' by Ben Taffijn

“Mehmet Polat Trio is a true exception in the world of jazz”

Interview (in Dutch)

I was recently interviewed by Petra Hiemsta of Haagse Hoogvliegers as part of a series of 12 interviewing contemporary leaders about how they listen (lovingly) and embody loveful leadership in their daily practice. It aims to bundle the results of it in a book that will be published in late 2017/ early 2018!

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

World Music Central, USA

“There is equilibrium among the players, a sense of give-and-take as they improvise, as if each has come to share a delicious communal plate of food.”

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

New York Music Daily, USA

“Meticulous interplay, striking tunes and a fascinatingly unorthodox lineup of instruments make this one of the best albums of the year.”

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Jazzflits, Netherlands

“This African-like instrument is played by newcomer Dymphi Peeters. She replaces Zoumana Diarra and also brings European harp tradition with her in her playing.”

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Mixed World Music, Netherlands

“As delicate and pleasing to the ear as this music sounds, you still get an inescapable feeling there’s a passionate storm brewing underneath.”

Interview (in Dutch)

I would like to share this extensive interview with me in the context of the CD of the Mehmet Polat Trio: “Ask your heart” and written by Petra Hiemstra of Haagse Hoogvliegers! Proud!

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY, New York US

“The entire CD explores the territories and potentials of itself in considerable detail. Each track seems like an integral part of the whole collection. One could listen to as one walks through a garden; one will find a variety of flowers, trees, and rock formations, each different and complete in itself. But they’re all part of the same garden. Occasionally, something stands out, such as the crystalline sense of feminine energy in “Serenity” or the percussive appearance of “Mardin” with Polat on vocals. – The Balkan, Middle Eastern, African, and Modal Jazz influences and essence of the Mehmet Polat Trio’s music is explored here with a sense of detailed urgency. It is more concerned with revealing its own emotional content at the expense of technique (not to say there’s anything sloppy here: the music is executed with amazing proficiency). It is as if the emotional and visceral possibilities envisioned in each piece, and the collection as a whole, are cultivated with the care of the aforementioned flowers in the garden, yet at the same time, with seriousness and intensity. The result is an engaging, enveloping, and at times, almost painful beauty.”

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Babelmed, France

“The album is full of sweetness and harmony. The musical themes and songs are passing through all the imaginary lands born in the soul and spirit of our three troubadours.”

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Vrije Geluiden, The Netherlands

“The arrangements show a flowing movement that touches all kinds of music cultures.”

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Frankenpost DE, Germany

“With this music may your soul find peace and joy, the pieces of the Mehmet Polat Trio entice you to dream and almost to meditate. – Mehmet Polat Trio’s music has the potential to make this world a better place.”

Review (in Dutch) on Singing Circle, Netherlands

“Ik houd mijn ogen dicht en voel mijn eigen stem vermengen met de overige cirkelgenoten en de kora. Het zoemt in mij. De klanken klinken mystiek. We zingen rondom de tonen van de eeuwenoude harp. Ik voel me een vrouw van vroegere tijden, ver ver ver voor het internet, de industrialisatie en de invoering van het monetaire systeem. Een primitieve stam diep in het oerwoud, nauw in contact met de aarde en dichtbij de sterren. Heel oer.”

Interview (in Dutch)

The Hague African Festival

Interview with me in the context of a solo concert at The Hague African Festival by Anneke Ruys

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Music in Belgium, Belgium

“With a modernist vision specific to its composer, the music seems more accessible, lighter and melodically strong.”

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