Voice improvisation to explore and develop your voice

Personally I love vocal improvisation. It worked and works for me as a tool to develop and explore my own singing voice. The human voice should not be forced. It chooses her own space and time. Then it unfolds beautifully.

I use voice improvisation also as an artist in my musical creations with the kora. I have the feeling my mind goes out of the way and some frequency in sounds, melody, rhythm, language and emotions comes through me. I sing in an improvised sound language, Gibberish.

Voice healing as an energetical cleansing of your body

I also use voice improvisation as a tool to express and to transform my feelings and energy when I don’t feel so good (angry or sad or unknown or tired). It is possible to sing from certain physical parts of the body and express and discover the feelings and messages which are often hidden under the physical pains. It’s not about beautiful singing but about really expressing what you feel from the inside. It works like an energetical cleansing. It is called voice expression or voice healing.

Individual voice healing sessions & workshops for groups

I offer individual voice healing sessions  and divers workshops and events for groups! Look at it here or via my Event agenda!


An example of voice healing

I’ll give you an example to explain a little more what I mean. Here I didn’t feel good. I had physical pain between my shoulders in my back. I felt a bit angry whole day, tired and heavy in my arms and legs. Until the moment I decided to sound the pain between my shoulders. (I recognized it as an old part of me during my primary school period early childhood when I was bullied and talked about behind my back and I had a hard time connecting with other children from the village.)

The pain sounded like this (it was recorded with my phone):

I kept on doing it for a while until I got into a different energy and it started to sound like this:

I feel surrender here and something big and ancient sounding through me.

Again I continued it and then it changed to sound like this:

Here I feel the softer sounds of love coming from my heart and entering the place between my shoulders in my back. My back starts relaxing.

Afterwards it changed to this:

Finally the sounds start to be more relaxed and happy and the place in my back feels relieved and warm:

Then I enjoyed the silence for a while. I felt so much better!

This is for me a short example of how voice healing works. For me sound works very fast to transform uncomfortable feelings into a more loving form of being and presence. It’s not about singing in a beautiful way. It is really translating honestly what you feel into sound.

Individual voice improvisation/ voice healing sessions

I love to support and inspire you to develop and explore your voice and energy! I give individual voice improvisation sessions. A session focused on improvisation, exploring and developing your voice costs 65,- Euro per hour and is possible in 1 hour. A voice healing focused on energetical cleaning takes 1,5 hour and costs 85,-. I give these sessions at my home in The Hague or on another location when requested. It is also possible to do a session through Skype! It works as powerful. It is also possible to buy a strip card of 5 or 10 hours. A strip card of 5 hours costs 300,- and of 10 hours 550,-.

Voice improvisation workshops for groups

Next to individual voice sessions I also give voice workshops for groups on location. It is very suitable as a fun activity for companies, as teambuilding activity and as a part of a training.


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