Workshops Voice coaching/ Free your voice (individual coaching, also possible online)

Voice coaching/ Free your voice (individual coaching, also possible online)

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Do you recognize 1 of these things?

– aches / disease / a cramped / stiff body
– restrain yourself, do not dare to sing / speak out but do desire it
– fear of the judgment of others and therefore not doing things that you would actually want
– the feeling that you only live a small part of your actual potential
– low energy

Do you want to change this? If so, read on.

Your own voice has an enormous powerful effect on your own body and mind. We consist of 85% water. Our cells respond to sound. We respond strongly to intentions. You have probably noticed that music can change the state of your consciousness and mood. So imagine how powerful the influence of the sound of your own voice can be on your ownbody!

And this is not about beautiful singing. No! It is about sounding exactly as you feel them at that moment, possibly from parts of your body, such as your heart and belly and your back or sound from images, such as a flower or the ocean. It’s not sweet. Sometimes it is necessary to vomit sound. Sound is energy. Sometimes you have so much energy in your body that is not good for you that you have to vomit it out. And what a relief when that is over. Then more loving energy can be released and flowing again. Everything that you suppress costs energy.

How can I use the influence of my voice to develop myself? Very practical: You can follow a session with me and then possibly agree a coaching process with me.
What can a coaching process bring to me?

You learn to:

– be completely yourself and enjoy it,
– feel free to sing and speak the way you want,
– be in complete connection with your creativity and express yourself from there,
– achieve a healthy, energetic and flowing body with your voice,
– make your (singing) voice sound fuller and with less effort.

I wish you to fully empower yourself, to dare to be yourself, to follow your desires and to let yourself be heard and seen, and to dare to sing your own song literally and figuratively, so that you feel fulfilled from within.

I give sessions in The Hague in my own practice. You do not have to have experience with singing and even if you have it this is interesting!
Email me for an appointment at: I look forward to hearing from you!


This is what others said about my coaching:

“A party when Dymphi takes you on a musical journey of discovery. She gives direction and challenges you to explore boundaries with your sounding sisters and to recreate the world in sound. ”- Debora Goedewaagen

Beautiful person and artist. She works from the heart with great talent. For me it was very healing to let my voice be heard and sing for and from my ancestors. I felt very comfortable and inspired in the presence. – Marina van Aken

“Beautiful intense experience with a voice healing session. Thanks to the very purely coordinated guidance of Dymphi, I was able to reach a vulnerable part of myself. As a result, the frozen part could melt and then I felt so much fuller and richer and that is permanently audible in my sounds. ”– Sabine van der Aa

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An individual session takes 1,5 hour and costs 125,- (incl. 21% b.t.w.).  I give these sessions in The Hague. It is also possible to do a session through Skype. It works very powerful too. It is possible to buy a strip card of 3 or 5 or 10 sessions. A strip card of: 3 sessions (3 x 1,5h) costs 350,- (incl. 21% b.t.w.); 5 sessions (5 x 1,5 h) 575,- (incl. 21% b.t.w.) and 10 sessions (10x 1,5 h) 1125,- (incl. 21% b.t.w.).
Sessions are possible on Wednesday mornings (between 9:30 and 11:30) and Friday’s (between 9:30 and 17:00h). Sessions are also possible online. It works as powerful!

Example voice healing

I’ll give you an example to explain a little more what I mean. Here I didn’t feel good. I had physical pain between my shoulders in my back. I felt a bit angry whole day, tired and heavy in my arms and legs. Until the moment I decided to sound the pain between my shoulders. (I recognized it as an old part of me during my primary school period early childhood when I was bullied and talked about behind my back and I had a hard time connecting with other children from the village.)

The pain sounded like this  (it is recorded with my phone):

I kept on doing it for a while until I got into a different energy and it started to sound like this:

I feel some surrender here and something big and ancient sounding through me.

Again I continued it and then it changed to sound like this:

Here I feel the softer sounds of love coming from my heart and entering the place between my shoulders in my back. My back starts relaxing.

Afterwards it changed to this:

Finally the sounds start to be more relaxed and happy and the place in my back feels relieved and warm:

Then I enjoyed the silence for a while.

This is for me a short example of how voice expression works. For me sound works very fast to transform uncomfortable feelings into a more loving form of being and presence. It’s not about singing in a beautiful way. It is really translating honestly what you feel into sound.