Workshops Soundscapes – workshop (for groups) – on request

Soundscapes – workshop (for groups) – on request

Teambuilding activity, possible also in combination with a concert, price in consultation

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I offer Soundscape workshops for groups. I will invite the participants to get in touch with their own creativity and use their voice to improvise songs and soundscapes together in a group, possibly guided by instruments like the Kora (African harp). To get into this energy I use a special warming up for body and voice. I provides a safe and fun setting where you can explore yourself and your voice.

This soundscapes workshop will invite people to step a little out of their comfort zone and show and express themselves in a unique authentic way. It is a very good tool to enhance real contact and connection and being in the present moment. It also works very mindful as well to get more into your body and use your inner knowledge. It is also great to start the day like this to get into a flowing creative positive energy and start thinking and creating more out of the box, which can be a perfect part of management training or meetings.

The workshop can be focused on a specific theme as well. It’s is always custom made and adapted to their participants! You don’t need to be an experienced singer. Everybody has an artist inside!

I provide the Soundscapes workshops for groups at any desired location, inside and outside. It is very suitable as a company excursion, team building activity or as part of a training! A voice improvisation workshop of 1 to 1,5 hours is already possible for 350,- (incl. 21% b.t.w.) and excl. travel costs.  Please contact me for an offer.


This is what others said about my coaching:

“I have had a lot of positive comments about the voice session. Many thanks for your presence and the way you helped us find our voice. It was personal gift to me personally and it gave me a lot of insight into our group. Your music stays with me . ” – Christie Blijden, Manager¬†Volunteers Red Cross Haaglanden

“During our recent Curriculum Loving Leadership (Management Level) I invited Dymphi to” be with the participants for an hour. “Dymphi has played for us and sang in her sound language, and she has kindly invited us to create more inner space for our own voice and express it. She also spoke briefly about balancing your own male and female energy in yourselves and allow the powers of your ancestors: forefathers and foremothers to flow trought you, so that you can feel stronger and be carried through your past. Which will allow you to have a better balance in the future, giving you the best of yourself. I cherish Dymphi and look forward to our cooperation in the coming years. ” – Petra Hiemstra, Director of The Hague Highlanders (Haagse Hoogvliegers), Training and Coaching Office for Entrepreneurs, High School Students and Frisians.