Priestess Soundblessing Circle

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Hoe zou het zijn om in een bad vol warmte en bedding jouw dromen naar je toe te zingen? Om met de trilling van je stem datgene in gang te zetten dat door jou geleefd mag worden? Om de magie zijn werk te laten doen en zaadjes te planten voor wat komen wil?

In de veilige omhulling van een vrouwencirkel zullen we werken met intentie, visualisatie, dans en sound om magie in gang te zetten. Onder begeleiding van Willemijn Bijl en Dymphi Peeters ga je de diepte in om je inner priestess stem te geven. Van harte welkom!

Soundhealing concert project for singers and instrumentalists

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After various Ritual Sister Song projects, I feel inspiration for something new again! From the beginning of April I work in 9 Thursday evenings with a group of singers (men and women) and instrumentalists in The Hague to give a sound healing concert!
This concert is based on improvisation with voice and instruments and sounds like world music fusion. Listening to such a concert can inspire you to go on an inner journey.

Holy Cow Sacred Voice Retreat Himalaya India 14-23 Oct 2020

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Voice Expression, Yoga and Meditation in pure Himalayan valleys, Local organic & vegetarian Garhwali Indian Food, remote Khola village, Tungnath temple, Omkareshwar temple, Local Garhwal Himalayan Tradition and Culture, breathtaking Himalayan Views, Deoria Tal Lake, Chandrasilla Top and much more to explore…

Soundhealing session (individual)

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Do you have (chronic) pain in your body and do you want to get rid of it? Or do you want to boost your health and well-being? Do you want to get rid of your blockages? Come experience one of the most powerful forms of sound healing with me. You receive it lying on a mattress.

Voice coaching/ Free your voice (individual coaching)

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Do you recognize 1 of these things?

- aches / disease / a cramped / stiff body
- restrain yourself, do not dare to sing / speak out but do desire it
- fear of the judgment of others and therefore not doing things that you would actually want
- the feeling that you only live a small part of your actual potential
- low energy

Do you want to change this? If so, read on.

Soundscapes – workshop (for groups) – on request

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I offer Soundscape workshops for groups. I will invite the participants to get in touch with their own creativity and use their voice to improvise songs and soundscapes together in a group, possibly guided by instruments like the Kora (African harp). To get into this energy I use a special warming up for body and voice. I provides a safe and fun setting where you can explore yourself and your voice.

Free your Voice – workshop (for groups) – on request

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This workshop is all about self-examination based on your own body wisdom. By making sounds from different areas in our body and with loving intention, we can free ourselves from any blockages and / or accumulations of energy.

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