Voice healing mornings The Hague (on Wednesday’s)

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- feel free to sing?
- dare to express yourself more?
- to clean yourself energetically?
- (learn to) improvise with your voice?

Wild Women Voice Healing Day 1-6-2019

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Sisters let's connect from our inner fire, our primal instinct and wisdom. Let's give voice to our ancient wisdom and ancor this power on earth. Let's invite and support eachother in this space. Let's enjoy the natural flow of our voice, sing, dance, play and step in to this ritual for 1 whole day!

The goal of the day is to open the deep, warm, strong, soft, intuitive, creative female energy in ourselves and express it! We will create soundscapes with our voices and sing in an improvised language, accompanied by ancient instruments like Sjaman drum and African Kora and N'goni.

Tribal Family Artistic Retreat in the Valley of Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina 19 – 24 Aug 2019

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Pyramid energy, ancient places, wild nature,
intuitive art workshops, voice healing workshops,
meditation, kids program, delicious food

with: Daniela Bohata – ReTreat design
Dymphi Peeters – Voice healing work
Helena Arturaleza – Art workshops

Sister Voice Retreat at the Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina 20-26 Oct 2019

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Empowering women while exploring wild nature and sacred places

Guided by Dymphi Peeters & Daniela Bohatá

★ Wild Women ★ Temple Day ★ 29-6-2019

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Do you recognise this:

☆ you feel you have a lot of potential but you can’t fully manifest it here (can’t make money with your mission, feel a little lost in this world)
☆ you have a secret longing to express your body & voice without holding back
☆ you adapt to people around excessively
☆ you make yourself smaller/you feel ‘too much’
☆ you feel unsafe to stand up for your truth
☆ you feel not really grounded/at home with yourself
☆ you feel more comfortable with your light side than your dark side

Ritual Theater Dance Creation – Stardust (7-2 t/m 11-4-2019)

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We are looking for Conscious dancers who like to create a performance. 

In 9 evenings we work towards a performance (which will happen at 10th evening) with live music. From nothing, we step into a creative process. So we look for brave and courageous dancers who want to find and show their talent under the guidance of Eva Bergerová and Dymphi Peeters. 

Stardust is the title of the performance. This is the only thing we know and the rest we create together. We offer you techniques from conscious dance and theatre based on the Ritual Theater concept "Step out of the Story", so that you have tools for our creation and for improvisation of the performance. We will learn you how to create a situation from standing in the present moment and how to develop it. Voice expression will be also used as a technique to open up the body and to be in the present moment.

Workshop voice improvisation for groups – on request

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Dymphi offers voice improvisation workshops for groups. She will invite you to get in touch with your own creativity and use your voice to improvise songs and soundscapes together in a group. To get into this energy Dymphi uses a special warming up for body and voice. She provides a safe and fun setting where you can explore yourself.

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