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★ Wild Women ★ Temple Day ★

30 Mar 2019
10:30 - 17:00h
Vondelkerk, Amsterdam

Music @ Bosnian Pyramid Energy by Dr. Sam Osmanagich

30 Mar 2019
19:00 - 23:15h
Vondelkerk, Amsterdam

Dragonfly @ Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

5 Apr 2019
19:00h - 22:00h
Bar Beton, Utrecht

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Wild Women Temple Day – March 30th – Vondelkerk Amsterdam


New track Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band online now!

Our new track which we recorded live in a beautiful church in Wildervank is online now! We hope you enjoy it!! <3

You can listen and buy the quality version on Bandcamp!


The new CD – Gaia – by Dymphi Peeters is online now!

I’m super excited to announce that my new CD – Gaia – is online right now! It was a big pleasure to create her together with Andre Schoorlemmer!

The CD Gaia is Pure and Feminine. In 9 tracks, the music takes you on a world tour to the original woman: the mother, the healer, the shamanca, the sister and the goddess. In a universal language, every woman tells her own sacred story.

I hope you enjoy the journey of listening. The CD is made with lot’s of love, fun and it is a result of many life processes. I wish the music is helping you to reconnect with the loving source inside. From this source creations arise and the best decisions are made.

I would like to share some words about sisterhood. I believe the female energy inside ourselves should claim its rightful place, so we can take care of each other and all living beings on this amazing mother earth. I want to thank the ancient mother for being here and for supporting us.

I also like to ask all my sisters and brothers to help and support each other: only together we can create a better life for ourselves and for our loved ones. Together we will create a more beautiful, loving, inclusive and healthy world.


Voice, Kora, N’goni, Flute and Shaman drum: Dymphi Peeters
Soundscapes, Guitar and Electrical base guitar: Andre Schoorlemmer

Compositions by: Dymphi Peeters & Andre Schoorlemmer
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Andre Schoorlemmer

Cover art by: Helena Arturaleza

© www.dymphipeeters.com
© www.andreschoorlemmer.nl

You can listen to the CD and buy the digital version now via my webshop.

Next week the hard copy CD will be also available and can be ordered via my webshop.


Concert @ Het grote fijne oud en nieuw feestje @ Mirrorcentrum Amsterdam

With old and new I play at this great party in Amsterdam! Do I see you there? ❤

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Press Articles

Review Mehmet Polat Trio bij Jazz Fest Amsterdam: highlight of the evening!

Sophie Conin van Jazznu.com

“The Mehmet Polat Trio showed one of the most unexpected arrangements of the evening: ud (Arabic lute), kora (Malian string instrument) and ney (Persian flute), no wonder it was difficult to enter the hall. Normally after one or two songs some audience goes out, but those who wanted to come in after the start of the concert had to show patience, but once inside it was more than worth the wait … In one of the most intimate performances of the evening, this trio provided spheres and sounds that mixed with traditional folk music from all over the world and with improvisation and jazz influences. All instruments were played with craftsmanship, finesse and subtlety. For this reviewer, the highlight of the evening.


Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart

Jazz blog 'Draai om je oren' by Ben Taffijn

“Mehmet Polat Trio is a true exception in the world of jazz”

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