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The Dutch-based vocalist Dymphi Peeters plays the African kora and surprises people around the world. Fans describe her as an “ancient woman” and describe her voice as similar to Lisa Gerrard”

In a sea of ​​meditative world music based on improvisation, Dymphi not only succeeds in the unique instrumentation of the kora, the great expressiveness of sound colors and emotions in her voice that brings you to various parts of the world, but also because she sings in an intuitive ancient language that let you sink out of your head and into your body.

The “Ask your Heart” CD, released in 2017, of the unique Mehmet Polat Trio in which she plays the kora, received many international positive reviews from world music and jazz scene. The Mehmet Polat Trio is a contemporary combination of ud, ney and kora virtuoses. They mix rich musical traditions of the Balkans, Middle East and Africa with a modal jazz approach.

At the moment  Dymphi works with composer and producer Andre Schoorlemmer on a new album. In addition, she tours nationally and internationally with the Mehmet Polat Trio, she provides relaxation concerts with kora and vocals and gives workshops voice improvisation and voice healing. She gives Ritual Theater workshops, called: “Warrior of the Dance and Singing“. With her new band Dragonfly she improvises live music for a community of dancers of Ecstatic Dance Utrecht. She also creates a healing sound experience with Kaleidoscope and organises retreats under the name: Natural Source Retreat.

She hopes to inspire others to feel the love in themselves and to act and live from it.

“I love my music to bring you release and peace and it’s my mission to help you express your authentic, full voice”

Besides her work as a musician, she also focuses on voice work. Voice work is a tool to express and transform feelings and energy. It is possible to sing from certain physical parts of the body and express and discover the feelings and messages which are often hidden under the physical pains. It’s not about beautiful singing but about really expressing what you feel from the inside. It works like an energetical cleansing. It is called voice expression or voice healing.

Her roots lay in the East European Folk music and she gained experience in flamenco, voice expression, improvised music and also opera. Originally Dymphi studied Educational Science and Technology which she is combining with her ongoing spiritual researches and experiences. But life took her on the path of music, where her heart truly lies. In general Dymphi loves to develop and expand her horizons.

The African Kora was invented by a woman, but men let it sound into the world. African kora players are named Griot’s or Jeli’s. We would call them troubadours: coaches of the leaders of the village. With their music and stories the Griot’s guide the leaders to stay in their leadership with themselves and their own feelings, to connect them with their inner source and to take decisions from that place. Dymphi is touched by this background of the kora very much.

Full Biography

Dymphi (1979) studied a year’s classical flute at Abbie de Quant in the pre-school of the Amsterdam Conservatory (1997-1998). In addition she played for 10 years in folkloric orchestra Iduna. During her graduation study of Education Science and Technology (2003-2004), for which she spent 7 months in Finland, she co-founded folk band Mielukas. She played in the  Holland Express band from 2005-2008 and performed at home and abroad. She participated in several Flamenco projects under the name Amistad, Grupo Flamenco and Fusion Flamenca, where she mused with Onno Kramer and Andre Schoorlemmer. In 2011, together with these two gentlemen, she founded the Zwoeng band, which played completely improvised music during their concerts.

From 2006 to 2012 Dymphi received vocal coaching from Dobrinka Yankova. In 2010, she produced and sang with 3 other singers in a subsidized theatrical concert: Scottish Delights with lovers for lovers. They were coached by opera director David Prins and vocal coach Dobrinka Yankova.  In 2011 Dymphi studied a year of classical music theory at the Schumann Academie. She also participated in various workshops and the annual education voice expression at Marius Engelbrecht Trainings.

Aug 2011 she started her own company: “Passion for Development” and gave workshops voice expression and intuitive music / improvisation. From 2011 to February 2015 she also gave various solo concerts with N’goni and improvised vocals, from which she released a CD in 2013, called Liefde (Love). August 2012 she got a beautiful daughter. At the beginning of 2013, she gave up her job as a teacher of communication, behavior and personal development at The Hague University, to stay full-time at home with her daughter. From 2013 to February 2015, she organized and and played in a series of concerts with fully improvised music: Dream Concert: a unique experience of intuitive music! Of this she released the very first Dream Concert on CD in 2013.

At the end of 2014, Dymphi followed masterclasses with Francis van Broekhuizen, Gabrielle Mouhlen and Wiebke Göetjes through Opera aan de Schie. Since January 2015, Dymphi received vocal lessons from Wiebke Göetjes and from August 2015 she participated in various (opera) productions, including those of Operastudio Hojotoho.

Dymphi, in addition to singing, is currently playing the kora, a Malinese harp (West Africa). In 2016 she was asked by Mehmet Polat to join the Mehmet Polat Trio as a kora player. The Mehmet Polat Trio is a contemporary constellation of ud, ney and kora virtuosos. They blend rich musical traditions of the Balkans, Middle East, Africa with a Modal Jazz approach. The trio performs compositions by ud player and trio leader, Mehmet Polat which give lots of room for improvisations. The result is a wholehearted, open sound that invites you on a sincere musical journey from the past to the innovative present.



Ecstatic Dance band

Mehmet Polat Trio

A spiritual yet adventurous meeting of Ud, ney and kora – I am the kora player of the trio

Warrior of the Dance

Ritual Dance Theatre Performance with Live Music – I’m one of the two musicians who is accompaning the dancer with live music


My website in Dutch about voice improvisation and music

Ecstatic Dance Den Haag

Freeform Dance to music by innovative dj’s – I was part of the organizing team

Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

A dancemeditation & sensation – I am part of the organizing team

Dream Concert

Improvised concerts I organized and played in the past

Wiebke Göetjes Dramatic Soprano

My opera singing teacher

Jean-Baptiste Milon

Piano player and music coach

Opera aan de Schie

Opera masterclasses classical open stage

Dobrinka Yankova

My opera singing teacher

Marius Engelbrecht trainingen

Voice expression teacher

Schumann Academie

Part time conservatory

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