Workshops Warrior of the Dance and Singing – open ongoing group

Warrior of the Dance and Singing – open ongoing group

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Do you want to express yourself? Feel to dance your body, use your voice and create a performance in the present moment? Do you want to express the energy of life, of freedom, courage and authenticity? Then come and taste our workshop!

You are going to dive into the experience of expressing the creativity in your own dance and voice in an RITUAL THEATER setting. We use a new concept of Ritual theater called “Step out of the Story”.
What is Ritual Theater? Ritual Theater is very old, it is a form of theatre where the audience is as important as the actors. They form a group of loving, supporting eyes and body’s to witness the expression of the artist(s) who performs on the basis of improvisation. The challenge for the artist is to feel what is present in his/her body and to use it in a performance with dance, body movement, and/or voice/music.

Why it’s called Warrior? We see the warrior as the brave part inside us, which is always in the present moment. Everybody has a Warrior inside!

If you already gained experience in your life in dancing and singing and martial arts it is great, but no must. OUR WORKSHOP IS SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS. We all tab into the same stream of creativity and our abilities and previous experiences make us express this in a unique and very interesting way.

To prepare you for your performance we use practices from Theater, Conscious Dance, Voice work and Martial Arts.

These 4 workshops will be an Open ongoing group. You can come just once, but we suggest/recommend, you come to all of them. Why? We are opening/discovering our creative stream, we are working with the Ritual theatre. Our focus is to learn how to perform. And this takes an effort. So during these 4 workshops, you will learn the basis of thebasics for performing and you will be prepared to attend the next step, which is a Movement Performance Creation.

Every evening we will work with different topic and techniques.
1. – September: Awareness of the body (bodyparts, anchor, weight,
balance, grounding, dynamic)
2. – October: Consciousness (Move into the present moment,
Micro – medium – macro)
3. – November: Access to the Creativity (In your own bio and
psychosomatic system)
4. – December: Step into the Story (What is a situation and how to
create it, Tell the story, Work with the partner, Therapy x Theater)

“It is our mission to empower you to express yourself from the inside out in front of loving eyes by means of dance, theater, martial arts and voice improvisation. We believe that spirituality and creativity are connected.”

Your guides for the evenings:
Dance & Theater & Martial Arts: EVA BERGEROVÁ
Voice work & Music & Kora: DYMPHI PEETERS

Dates open ongoing group: 2018: 22-9; 27-10; 24-11; 15-12;

Time: 19:30-22:00h

Price: 18,- per evening

Language: English but can be translated into Dutch

Reservations: / phone 0623883406
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Agenda 2018 
Open ongoing in Djoj Rotterdam 19:30-22:00h: (25 +26 aug Djoj open days), 22-9; 27-10; 24-11; 15-12
Movement Performance Creation “Phoeninx from the Fire” in Djoj Rotterdam: Friday evenings oktober & november 2018. More info

About Eva
“When I was 37 I became a professional Dancer and Choreographer. Until this time, in the romantic city of Prague, I was leading a Drama theater company, where I used to direct performances, guide dramaturgy and keep the company going, growing and expanding. There was a time, we had two theater houses and around 50 people working there. Our performances were seen by around 200 000 people.
– I practice Chinese Martial arts for more than 20 years now and teach it for 5 years.
– I directed more than 20 performances. One of them went on for 12 years.
– I am a Dj and a Ceremony leader
– I love to perform Dance and I love to improvise on the stage and in life.”
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Deze workshop is geïnspireerd op een rituele danstheater voorstelling genaamd “Warrior of the Dance”: