CD Gaia – Dymphi Peeters – Digital download (mp3)


The CD Gaia is Pure and Feminine. In 9 tracks, the music takes you on a world tour to the original woman: the mother, the healer, the shamanca, the sister and the goddess. In a universal language, every woman tells her own sacred story.



I hope you enjoy the journey of listening. This CD is made with lot’s of love, fun and it is a result of many life processes. I wish this music is helping you to reconnect with the loving source inside. From this source creations arise and the best decisions are made.

I would like to share some words about sisterhood. I believe the female energy inside ourselves should claim its rightful place, so we can take care of each other and all living beings on this amazing mother earth. I want to thank the ancient mother for being here and for supporting us.

I also like to ask all my sisters and brothers to help and support each other: only together we can create a better life for ourselves and for our loved ones. Together we will create a more beautiful, loving, inclusive and healthy world.

Much love,
Dymphi Peeters


Released January 15, 2019

Voice, Kora, N’goni, Flute and Shaman drum: Dymphi Peeters
Soundscapes, Guitar and Electrical bass guitar: Andre Schoorlemmer

Compositions by: Dymphi Peeters & Andre Schoorlemmer
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Andre Schoorlemmer

Cover art by: Helena Arturaleza