Into the Unknown (Live) – Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance Band – mp3


Live performed wold music by professional musicians, who are creating from the heart. Every note is improvised, created on the spot inspired by the Ecstatic Dance community.


Music track: Woman Goddess


With a lot of fun and thankfulness I’d like to share my newest song “Woman Goddess” with you!
I created this song to strenghten the female energy in us all! I hope you enjoy it and I love to hear what it does to you! Much love <3 <3 <3


Music track: Love


Dymphi recorded this track during a relaxation concert with her first N’goni. She became a mother of a wonderful baby daughter 6 months before. In this song she sings for her daughter. Dymphi sings in an ancient sound language and accompanies herself on Kamalen N’goni (West-African harp). The song was created on the basis of improvisation.


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