Workshops Free your Voice – workshop (for groups) – on request

Free your Voice – workshop (for groups) – on request

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Do you recognize 1 of these things?

– aches / disease / a cramped / stiff body;
– restrain yourself, do not dare to sing / speak out but do desire it;
– fear of the judgment of others and therefore not doing things that you would actually want;
– the feeling that you only live a small part of your real potential;
– low energy.

Do you want to change this so that you can reap the benefits in your personal and professional life? If so, read on.

Your own voice has an enormous powerful effect on your own body and mind. We consist of 85% water. Our cells respond to sound. We respond strongly to intentions. You have probably noticed that music can change the state of your consciousness and mood. Can you see how powerful the influence of the sound of your own voice can be on your body!

And this is not about beautiful singing. No! It is about giving sounds exactly as you feel them at that moment, possibly from parts of your body, such as your heart and belly and your back or sound from images, such as a flower or the ocean. But it’s not sweet. Sometimes it is necessary to vomit sound. Sound is energy. Sometimes you have so much energy in your body that is not good for you that you have to vomit it out. And what a relief when that is over. Then more loving energy can be released and flowing again. Everything that you suppress costs energy.

I used to find it very exciting to show myself and hear to others. I prefer to hide behind others or keep my mouth shut, because I often thought differently than my environment. And when I said something, it was so soft that almost no one could hear me. That is fortunately different now.

This workshop is all about self-examination based on your own body wisdom. By making sounds from different areas in our body and with loving intention, we can free ourselves from any blockages and / or accumulations of energy.

This workshop is aimed at:

– be completely yourself and enjoy it,
– feel free to sing and speak the way you want,
– be in complete connection with your creativity and express yourself from there,
– achieve a healthy, energetic and flowing body with your voice,
– make your (singing) voice sound fuller and with less effort.

I am a voice coach and musician who offers you the space to conduct research based on your developmental desire or desire with the help of your own voice and body. The wisdom of your body brings you to your essence. My strength is to move, empower and encourage in this, so that an inviting interaction occurs.

You do not have to be an experienced singer to participate in this workshop. Anyone who wants to and can make a sound can participate!

I give the Free your Voice workshop for groups at any location, inside and or outside. It is very suitable as a company outing, team building activity or as part of a training! A Free your Voice workshop of 1 to 1.5 hours is already possible from 350,- (incl. 21% VAT) and excl. travel costs. Contact me for an offer.

This is what others said about my coaching:

A feast when Dymphi takes you on a musical journey of discovery. She gives direction and challenges you to explore boundaries with your sounding sisters and to recreate the world in sound.” – Debora Goedewaagen

Beautiful person and artist. She works with great talent from her heart. It was healing for me to make my voice heard and to sing from my ancestors. I felt very comfortable and inspired in her presence.” – Marina van Aken

Beautiful intense experience during a voice healing session. Thanks to the very carefully coordinated accompaniment of Dymphi I was able to reach a vulnerable part of myself. The frozen part could melt and this made me feel so much fuller and richer and that is permanently audible in my sounds” – Sabine van der Aa