Workshops Ritual Sister Song Day 16-03-2019

Ritual Sister Song Day 16-03-2019

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SISTERS, let’s:
– CONNECT from our inner fire, our primal instinct and wisdom.
– GIVE VOICE to our ancient wisdom and ancor this power on earth.
– INVITE and SUPPORT eachother in this space.
– ENJOY the natural flow of our voice, sing, dance, play
and step in to this RITUAL for 1 whole day!

The group will be guided by Dymphi Peeters. Dymphi is a world music voice artist and voice healer, who accompanies herself on the African kora and creates medicine music.

The goal of the day is to open the deep, warm, strong, soft, intuitive, creative female energy in ourselves and express it! We will create soundscapes with our voices and sing in an improvised language, accompanied by ancient instruments like Sjaman drum and African Kora and N’goni.

To get into the right energy Dymphi uses a special warming up for body and voice. She provides a safe and fun setting where you can explore yourself in the group. This voice improvisation workshop will invite you to step a little out of your comfort zone and show and express yourselve in a unique authentic way. It is a very good tool to enhance real contact, sisterhood and connection and being in the present moment. It also works very mindful as well to get more into your body and use your inner knowledge.

This day is about experiencing, exploring & enjoying your voice and connecting with your healing voice. You are invited also to bring your drum or other instruments which you can use while singing.

“I love my music to bring you release and peace and it is my mission to empower women by helping them to find their own authentic full voice, literally and metaphorically speaking”


“Een feest wanneer Dymphi je meeneemt op een muzikale ontdekkingsreis. Zij geeft richting en daagt je uit om samen met je klinkende sisters grenzen te verkennen en de wereld in klank te herscheppen.” – Debora Goedewaagen

“Beautifull person and artist. She works from the heart with great talent. For me it was very healing to let my voice be heard and sing for and from my ancestors. I felt very comfortabel and inspired in her presence. 🎢🎢🎢” – Marina van Aken

“Prachtige intense ervaring bij een stemhealing sessie. Door de zeer zuiver afgestemde begeleiding van Dymphi kon ik bij een kwetsbaar stuk van mezelf komen. Het bevroren deel kon hierdoor smelten en daarna voelde ik me zoveel voller en rijker en dat is blijvend hoorbaar in mijn klanken.” – Sabine van der Aa

“Dymphi Peeters is a great music teacher! Today she helped me through a breakthrough with vocal exercises. She helps me to explore a side of myself that I did not know existed. I used to have musical teachers that thought me to learn notes or play a classical piece from a book the same way how Bach played it. The difference with Dymphi is: She brings you in touch with your inner expression of music and sound. If you are looking for a musical teacher outside the box than she is the one, because she teaches music to come from your soul!” – Helena Arturaleza



Time: 10:30-17:00h;
10:00-10:30 come in for thee πŸ™‚

If everybody understands Dutch it will be in Dutch and otherwise in English

Early bird ticket (till 28-2-2019): 75,-
Normal ticket (from 1-3-2019): 85,-
This includes a simple vegan lunch for the day.

There is a MAXIMUM of 12 participants
Reserve your spot and send Dymphi and email:

Call Dymphi: 0644676082 or send her an email.

Wijkzaal Noorderkerk Den Haag, Schuytstraat 9