Workshops Soundhealing session (individual + also possible online)

Soundhealing session (individual + also possible online)

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Do you have (chronic) pain in your body and do you want to get rid of it? Or do you want to boost your health and well-being? Do you want to get rid of your blockages? Come experience one of the most powerful forms of sound healing with me with voice and instruments. You receive it lying on a mattress (possibly under a blanket) in my practice in Den Haag or online trough headphones or amplifiers while laying comfortable in your home. A session lasts about one hour in total.

Price per session: 125,-



“What a powerful and nourishing soundhealing session I received this afternoon from Dymphi Peeters. She took me on a deep & magical healing journey through her sacred voice, shaman drum, Ngoni and healing touch. Clearing Ancestral karma, Freeing stuck places inside of me and lit up my playful power. What a gift she brings into this world with her Work. So much needed. Wonderful to also withess and hold space for the healing journey of dear sister DaniĆ«lle and for our honest sharings from the sometimes also vulnerable human heart. My soul is filled with Gratitude. The rising of the Feminine!” – DaniĆ«lle Doeve

“Yesterday I was so lucky to receive a sound healing from her. It was fascinating and intense, and actually helped me to relieve a bit of a twenty year old back pain that I am having. So be ready to enriched by Dymphi!” – Kimmpie Boumpie

“Eerder heb ik al een aantal geweldige stem expressie sessies bij Dymphi Peeters gehad en heb ik haar meerdere keren horen zingen. Heel fijn en inspirerend.
En ook ik heb zelf laatst een soundhealing mogen ondergaan bij Dymphi. Niet alleen een bijzondere ervaring, maar ook ongelooflijk heilzaam. Volheid, pure kwetsbaarheid en kracht. Dat ervaar ik bij Dymphi in haar healing sessies. En dat is ook wat er dan bij mij wordt (aan)geraakt. Fysieke en emotionele blokkades voelt ze haarscherp aan en met haar stem, muziek en handen brengt ze ruimte, licht en heling. Heel bevrijdend!” – Belinda Vos